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Zircon StudSensor i65 Review

To mount objects from drywall, you need a pinpoint-accurate sensor for studs and potentially dangerous live wires. You can uncover studs tool-free, but for safety and precaution, arming yourself with a finder will go a long way to prevent accidents.

Zircon StudSensor i65 Review

Zircon StudSensor i65 Review puts forward proprietary SpotLite Pointing System virtually punches through all thick walls and extra seams. Without the appliance, you tread on icy ground or risk damaging wires.

Go Zircon to quickly and easily pinpoint the edgings and center of wood or metal studs and joists buried in walls, floors, and ceilings. No close shave, an intelligent LCD, WireWarning and audio tone allow you to trace studs with military precision.

Zircon StudSensor i65 Review | 5 Major Features

1. Edge & Center-Finding

Stud Scan mode pinpoints the edges or center of wood and metal up to 1 ½” beneath a surface. The Zircon StudSensor senses both the center and edge of wood or metal studs and joists in ceilings, floors or walls in one stroke.

Patented CenterVision technology pinpoints the center of a stud in a single pass.  It boasts a hard-wearing high-impact case and the proprietary SpotLite Pointing System illuminates the center of a stud with scalpel-like precision. The tool may identify other objects beneath the wall like pipes or conduit.

DeepScan mode for every nook and cranny doubles the screening depth to 1 1/2” (38 mm). The high-sensitivity mode offers a fit to kill scan that indicates the center of an extremely deep stud illuminated with four middle bars.


Zircon’s WireWarning detections functions continuously. Once you detect live AC voltage, the WIREWARNING indicator pops up in the display. When scanning starts over a live AC wiring, the WIREWARNING icon flashes continuously.

WIREWARNING detection spots the existence of live, unsheathed electrical wire up to 2” (51 mm) deep. ACT (Auto Correcting Technology) works to tentatively recalibrate the tool. It’s a transparent recalibration with no indication. When the arrow indicator illuminates, the device got calibrated near and over a stud and then dislocated.

The arrow sheds light to the direction of the omitted stud. After completing a calibration, the SpotLite Pointing System and buzzer instantly activate and the LCD displays nonstop measurements.

3. Intuitive Operability & Instructional DVD

Place the stud finder flat against the wall and press the POWER button, a beep confirms the completion of a calibration before moving it further.

The EDGE icon illuminates to indicate the site of a stud edge. When you hit the center of a stud, the four middle symbols, CENTER indicator, and SpotLite Pointing System will all illuminate, and the buzzer beeps.

If you run into deeper studs or thicker walls with their center spotted, only two bars display on the Signal Strength Indicator and SpotLite beam and four middle icons will illuminate. When it comes across a stud, it generates an audible sound and pops up a red arrow onto its center spot.

4. LCD Display & Audible Alerts

The LCD Display projects direction, edgings and center of studs. LCD DISPLAY alerts you when you inch closer to the edge or center of a stud. It also informs you when a re-calibration suffices. Spotlight visual cues manifested as a glowing arrow helps you pinpoint the location of wooden or metal studs.

If you flash across a surface and all LCD segments switch on simultaneously with continuous beeps, use the high-sensitivity mode due to an overly dense surface or unit not flat against the wall. It also produces audible alerts; the sensor will ping once you run into the center of studs.

5. Marking Channel & Superior Accuracy

Once you range in a stud or edge of an object, mark the site where the SpotLite Pointing System illuminates. Highlighting the center of a stud improves accuracy of labeling readings. The ergonomic design and soft grip offers comfort and unfettered maneuverability of the tool as you scan.

Trademarked CenterVision technology trots out Zircon’s latest leap since it unveiled its first stud finder in 1982. Make one pass for a pinpoint-accurate detection of a stud’s center.

For edges, the tool probes for a high density. The SIGNAL STRENGTH INDICATOR gives the certainty of the target; three or two bars indicate a deeply nestled stud or one shrouded by a thicker layer.

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Why should you use Zircon StudSensor i65?

1. Stud-Center Locator

Make one pass with the CenterVision technology in a single stroke. It allows you to find both edges in wood or metal studs to zero in the center.

It quickly and painlessly pinpoints the sides and center of wood or metal studs and joists behind walls, floors or ceilings. The audio indicator helps you get the job done faster while the re-calibration tool improves accuracy.

2. Scans Thick Walls for Studs

You can peer into thick walls with extra layers or extreme depth. The DEEP SCAN feature switched on will reveal studs buried up to 1 ½” deep. The DEEP SCAN mode gives extra power though it can lead to false positives due to the unit’s high-sensitivity when misused.

3. Wire Warning Detection

Zircon stands out with a unique WIRE WARNING DETECTION that continuously detects electrical wires as you scan for studs and objects.

It’s always ON in all modes to remind you of hidden and shielded AC wires beneath the walls. You can browse for electrical wires only in the AC Scan Mode and metal in Metal Mode such as screws, pipes or nails.

4. Auto-Correcting Technology/ACT

The ACT or Auto Correcting Technology checks calibration ten times per second during the first five seconds of the scan. It also recalibrates for the user when needed.

If scanning happens to begin over a stud, the tool corrects itself and points where the target lies.

5. Over-the-Stud Warning

The Over-the-Stud warning makes this Zircon stud-sensor a one-of-a-kind as it smartly detects when something goes wrong.

For instance, if you start at the edge of a stud and move the appliance away, it beeps continuously indicating a calibration error. A signal strength indicator helps you sift out the target from potential red herrings for clockwork accuracy.

  • Quickly and effortlessly locates the edgings and center of wood or metal studs or joists behind walls, floors or ceilings with Stud Scan mode up to ¾-inch
  • Patented CenterVision technology detects the center of a stud in a single stroke
  • Intelligent LCD projects directions, edges, and centers of studs
  • WireWarning discovers the existence of live AC Voltage up to 2-inch deep
  • ACT (Auto Correcting Technology) automatically rectifies human errors like scanning over a stud
  • Deep Scan, high-sensitivity screening probes to a depth of 1 1/2”
  • Revolutionary SpotLite Pointing system projects a beam of light to the center and audio indicators make it easier to visualize studs
  • It may not sense live AC wires if they lie more than 2-inch deep from the scanned surface
  • Detection depth and accuracy can vary due to moisture, wall texture, paint or type of materials

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Unit pops up all LCD segments simultaneously, and it beeps nonstop?

Try a flat surface or use the high-sensitivity mode for uneven seams.

  1. The area of voltage detection gets too large, how do I narrow down?

Switch the unit off and on again at the edging where the wire lies and scan.

  1. Does the center-finding technology render improved precision?

Yes, the SpotLite and CenterVision technology project the center with accuracy.

  1. Does it find screws in Metal Stud Mode?

Yes, you can reconfigure it to scan for metallic materials only.

  1. Does this work for the double drywall? I own another brand, and it doesn’t seem to work with our double dry walls?

Yes, the i65 works excellently on double deep drywall.

Final Verdict

With walls lurking with perils and mysteries, going it all hammer and tongs without pre-scanning puts you in jeopardy. Zircon StudSensor i65 Review relates to a center-finding locator to detect both the center and edges of all studs.

You can expose studs or joists in walls, ceilings, and floors in one pass. It comes in a perdurable high-impact case and proprietary SpotLite Pointing System, CenterVision and WireWarning to illuminate the center of a stud and indicate the presence of AC voltage.

You can mark the center of a stud for improved accuracy in measurements. The ACT or Auto Correcting Technology recalibrates for the user if you miss a stud with an arrow.

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