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Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder Review

Finding studs in a well lathed and plastered walls could be appalling and horrifying with the thickness of laths and plasters? The thickness of a modern wall is ½” to ¾”, which is incomparable to olden walls which thickness is thicker.

Most Stud finders have a limit to the level of how they can detect, that’s why the Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder Review is set to disseminating information that may be helpful for your work.

The Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder

Every home needs a comfortable and well decorative wall, and using plastered wall is quite a great option. However, in order to hang or mount your electronic gadgets, shelves and other home improvement equipment, you will definitely need to find studs on your wall.

The question is what stud finder’s tool will be best for you at a cheap rate and will also be viable? It’s the Studpop magnet stud finder.

The Studpop magnet stud finder is tiny stud finder that magnetizes each position that nails, screw or any metal that’s attached to the wall can be found. It makes a pop sound when it witnesses the object around the magnetic field.

Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder Review | 5 Major Features

1. Tiny in size

Home development is a ‘must’ luxury that one has to invest in immensely. Why? Because home is the best venue to carry out day-to-day indoor activities in form of rest which can improve the health of all individuals. Because it’s paramount, the manufacturer has made effort to make it affordable and handy for everyone and fitting for every toolbox.

It can be possessed by individuals to locate nails/screws in the stud on the plastered wall. Its dimension is 8 x 6 x 2 inches, and this can help in limiting the weariness that weighty gadget may cause. .Magnet as Its Great Sensor

Think about non calibrated stud finding gadgets, then you’ll surely opt for Studpop magnetic stud finder. I guess you keen to ask how a no digital gadget can be used to detect metals/screw that is well penetrated; it’simples: its magnet is very powerful to detect metalsthat’s deep, it’s a product that is known to be one of the best stud finder for locating nails and screw in a thicker plastered walls.

2. No Batteries, No Calibrator

Have you tried a lot of stud finders and it has become a torn to your flesh in believing stud finders? You don’t need to worry anymore with a swift shift to the use of Studpop Magnetic stud finders as it helps you to carry out your work flawlessly and effectively.

With this product you don’t need to bother about the possibility of your stud finder gadget will be tripping off. In fact, you don’t need to regulate its effective functions because of calibrator absense. It works perfectly like other great stud finding the gadget you can imagine.

3. Beeps with Pop Sound

This product is reasonable as to the fact that it can also be used by health deficient folks. It makes a pop sound whenever it comes across the crown of every nail.

Serious? Oh yes! It’s so fascinating that with this feature you don’t need to solely depend on one means of notification while you can now enjoy two so that if you miss the beeps, you can’t miss the cleave. It’s enjoyable while using it.

4. Good for Sheetrock, lath and plaster walls

Definitely, mounting heavy materials on your lathed or plastered walls could cause an impromptu pulling down of your electronic gadget which may damage your electronic properties.

So, in order to prevent this mishap, you’d want to find nails in the studs (to locate hard places that can carry weighty materials) on your plastered wall in order to mark nails (it results to low-cost charges by carpenters and other Artesian).

No more regret for sheet rocks and lathed/plastered walls when you can comfortably use the Stud magnet stud finder is very well viable.

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 Why should you use the stud pop magnetic stud finder?

1. Easy To Use

All stress is now a tale of the past with the use of the Stud magnet. You can conveniently handle it with your thumb and the index of your finger. You sincerely don’t have to be expecting when the gadget becomes clingy, the product also makes the sound. Isn’t that great for presents to your loved ones who desire one?

2. Portable                               

The product is a pocket fitting product that can excite toolbox, coupled with the fact that you can buy as many as possible and all won’t cause the nuisance to your toolbox all make this a preferable option.

3. Reliable

At times, stud finder gismos are very hard to trust, reason because the rate of effectiveness in locating deep metals is limited. Some gadgets are good in locating metals of 1/2” thickness while some can detect both the screw/nails’ crown in the wall plastered thickness of ¾” and the former.

4. Customer Reviews

The customer review is undoubtedly one of the propellants that give confidence to potential customers in structuring their minds to choosing best-recognized products. This product is very well recommended by its customers, earning 75% positive reviews of 5points. A total of 4.5 positive reviews on Amazon.

5. Cheap

New contrast devices can be reviled but with a little cost of this product, you can just give it a try and see how viable and helpful it’s going to be. I believe $10 is very cheap for such an amazing home development gadget.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s very dependable
  • The product is cheap
  • It has a good magnetic feature
  • The product is a pocket fitting stud finder.
  • Durable: It doesn’t break easily when fallen.
  • No room for battery or calibrators.
  • A handy gadget for convenient uses.
  • No mistakes in clinging to nails/screws.
  • The product uses two mediums for its notification.
  • It doesn’t have the aperture to tie it to strings.
  • It doesn’t detect the edges of studs.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can this be used for rafted ceilings?

Answer: Of course! It functions so well in this also. All you just have to watch out for is to prevent any material from covering the magnet.

  1. Is this product only awesome for a plastered wall?

Answer: This product is multidimensional, you can use it for any kind of wall covering including sheetrock.

  1. What’s the limit of thickness that this tool can detect its penetrated nails?

Answer: Around the highest range of ¾ “ and 1” thickness.

  1. Does this product respond to detecting wires, to prevent drilling the conduit?

Answer: It doesn’t detect wires at all.

  1. What comes with its package?

Answer: It comes alone.

  1. How would you know if the nail is at the middle of the stud and not at the off-centre of the stud?

Answer: Very easy. Its work like a normal magnet attracting irons in its magnetic field, it’s just that it’s made in a more efficient way.

Final Verdict

The bottom line of the Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder Review is that no product is hundred percent efficient but you can find a product that can sufficiently give you more than you desire in terms of its response to work feed and other necessary features.

Finding a quality product that can help you in detecting metals that are well hammered to your lathed wall then the stud pop magnet stud finder is good for you. It’s cheap and delivers no flaws in its notification. No calibrator to regulate its efficiency; you can use it randomly for better work delivery. It’s very well recommendable.
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