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Zircon Multi-Scan i520 Center Finding Stud Finder Review

Do you seek for a stud finder that has the inter-switched features that can do almost everything pertaining to home improvement, and will also function well? Of course, Zircon Multiscan i520 is the best gadget to opt for. The Zircon Multi-scan i520 centre finding review brings to you one of the best stud finders that will help you to save your expenses and have a long-lasting use also.

Zircon Multi-Scan i520 Center Finding Stud Finder Review

The Zircon multi-scan i503 center gives pleasure and luxuries that one craves for with its 4-mode inter-switchable features that will help you to know what kind of material is behind your lathed walls. It can detect metals, uncovered AC wires, stud and woods. It scans so deeply even more than some stud finding products.

The features will explain the product’s qualities that make it the best fit for your work. You never can tell how amazing the features are not until you read through, then you’ll know that it’s made primarily for you.

Zircon Multi-Scan i520 Center Finding Stud Finder Review | 5 Major Features

1. Scan

There are four modes of scanning, and they are Stud, Deep, Metal and AC scan. We’ll be discussing the functions of this material.

i. Stud scan – This product is as portable as your handset. It projects an ultraviolet ray on the wallboard and scans through. It penetrates even to a ¾” thick wallboard. It locates the edges and the center of studs when found.

ii. Deep scan – Zircon multi-scan i520 center finding scans as deep as 19mm. However, it’s normal for this product to give inadequate readings which may be discouraging. Please note that when this stud finder begins to malfunction while scanning for stud, this means the stud is a bit deeper than 0.75” then slide the mode selector to a deep mode for better scanning of 1.5”.

iii. Metal scan – One of the fascinating things about this stud finder is that it can perfectly detect iron consisting metal and other pure metals that don’t consist iron.

iv. AC scan – Having complicated issues with finding electrical conduit or unshielded wires.  You sincerely don’t need to use stud finder gadgets, just use zircon to locate the position of the uncovered AC wire.

2. Ultra-bright LED Display

The screen of the zircon multi-scan i502 stud finder is perfect with the ultra-bright feature as it can be used by eye deficient persons.

With bold word tagged on the screen of the gadget showing also the route the material takes, you can completely trust this product for your day-to-day home development business. You can see what mode you are using at the moment of use.

3. Auto-Calibrating Tool

Though it’s used primarily for the interior part of the home. This doesn’t limit this product, it has the good automatic correcting technology to help one in the direction to take in order to get the proxy result.

Having variable penetrating power in its scanning modes such as stud scanning with 19mm, deep scan 38mm, metal scan with 76mm and AC scan with 51mm all make this product a brilliant product.

If it’s not giving the proper result you can easily switch over to another scanning mode (using metal scanning is preferable to others while finding studs behind plastic).

4. Replaceable 9volt Battery

The battery works like any other battery. It can be replaced by new Duracell 2017 which is a bit advisable in order to give absolute confidence at work. The battery drains down even when not used.

The zircon multi-scan i520 center finding gives a signal for battery replacement if in case the battery runs out of power. It’s very great with its battery maintenance as its multi-function doesn’t affect the quick drain of the battery’s power.

5. Reliable Product

The zircon multi-scan i502 stud finder gives warning indicator with its sound when a wire is found during scanning. It works so perfect and can fit into your toolbox without occupying too much space. It’s manufactured by high tech Engineers for better usage.

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Why Should You Use Zircon Multi-scan i520 Center Finding Stud Finder?

1. Multi-scan                                                        

Isn’t it awesome to rest one’s elbow on a broader body? Of course, think about the confidence it gives with undisputed benefits such as privileges to save some extra fee for other necessary things.

Why would one go for products that have a single feature with a higher price than procuring a multidimensional product that can do quadruple functions earning same product’s security with other single-purpose products?

2. Affordable

Very cheap that it can be affordable with $49 only, isn’t that great? Of course, it is. You can get the best of service as illustrated on this review. You don’t have to launch out for others when you have a cheap digital stud finder at the very tip of your finger.

3. Handy

You can always trust the portability of the product as it doesn’t stress you out. It gives you quick result when finding studs and other materials behind your lathed walls.

4. Quality Digital Feature

Get the best out of stud finders by opting for a strong and dependable product such as zircon multi-scan i520 stud finder that gets you all the required features.

  • Zircon multi-scan has four reliable scan mode with variable penetrating power
  • It possesses an Automatic Control Technology (ACT)
  • Zircon multi-scan has a great ultra-bright LED light.
  • A replaceable 9volt battery
  • Very easy to use.
  • Absolutely dependable.
  • Used only for interior purposes only.
  • It gives a wrong reading when using it on plastic (switching over to metal scanning solves this).

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of battery best fit for it and best replacement alternative?

Answer: Use Duracell newest model as an alternative. It uses 9volt battery

  1. Please, how will I know if it scanning the center of studs?

Answer: The spotlight indicate by flickering and it starts to beep.

  1. What other package comes with this product?

Answer: None, it comes alone.

  1. How effectively does this product work on plastered and lathed wallboard?

Answer: If you will be using it on plastic then use metal scanning because it has the highest penetrating power.

  1. Can one fully trust it for wire tracer?

Answer: No, but to some extent, you can use it.

Final Verdict

The significance of zircon multi-scan i520 center finding stud finder review is to bring to you the best stud finder that can give you accurate result while working and making your work easier and convenient.

Undoubtedly, Zircon multi-scan i520 center finding gives you all these features unfailingly with the convenient holding of the tool.

Very cheap to buy and it also has positive market reviews as to the fact that you can live up to your expectations. It lasts longer when you have batteries to replace the follow-come battery. It’s highly recommendable for professional contractor and home developing hobbyist (it adds credibility to one’s career).

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